VIV Special Events
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VIV is the global brand of trade shows, conferences and events based on the 'Feed to Meat' supply chain. The multi-specie event includes the sectors of Poultry, Pig, Cattle & Calves and Aquaculture. VIV is set up according to the Feed to Meat concept which involves all sectors in the animal protein production chain. As a result VIV events are platforms where all participants in meat production can work together to provide the guarantees consumers are demanding.
Latest updates
China International Livestock Industry Week 2014
VIV proudly presents the China International Livestock Industry Week. From September 20 - 22, the VIV International China Summit (VICS) presents an inspiring, all-specie content programme on trends, actual topics and technical best practises. VICS is followed by VIV China 2014. Beijing will be the city where the Chinese livestock industry will be on full display! 
VIV Special Events
VIV Worldwide organizes VIV Special Events with business partners in countries throughout the world. Upcoming events are the Nigeria Trade Mission (November 2014) and Iran Kish Poultry & Livestock Expo (February 2015). VIV customers are offered attractive participation opportunities.