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Feed to Food 

Consumer attitude and behaviour towards food focus on healthier food. The demand for convenience food products is on the rise. Consequently, the importance of delivering fresh and safe food products with an extended shelf life is increasing. Packaging is becoming more important in the selling process; fresh foods should be conveniently packaged and easy to store.

Animal production and -processing are facing challenging times. Consumers are sceptical and want guarantees about the food they eat. Food safety can only be guaranteed if every step in the meat production chain is carefully monitored and controlled.

To stay current with these developments, today’s food business is about improving:
• yield
• quality
• hygiene
• traceability
• portioning
• performance
• profitability
• efficiency
• transparency

Meat producing and – (further) processing companies adapt and improve their production processes to meet the demands. International food quality institutions developed standards for quality assurance and secured traceability. The trend is towards systems that cover the entire food chain from primary production to finished products: from Feed to Food. 

VIV worldwide and food safety

Over 30 years ago VIV started as a concept for animal production in poultry and pigs and became an innovator on the subject. VIV stretched its profile and shaped it to today’s requirements on meat safety. The concept is called Feed to Food and involves all sectors in the meat, eggs and milk production chain.
VIV worldwide hosts trade shows, trade summits and conferences and (coming soon!) an online knowledge platform. All off- and online events are platforms where all participants in animal production and -processing can work together to provide the guarantees consumers are demanding.